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Book Reviews...

"A gentle, charmingly inconsequential suburban shaggy-dog story with a quirky sense of humour and an obvious affection for both the staple motifs of the sci-fi genre and the works of comic novelists such as Ben Elton, Rob Grant and Douglas Adams..."

"...The novel is filled with plenty of laughter and drama. It is beautifully and wonderfully written. The witty dialogues can draw you to the well-developed characters featured in the novel. High drama explodes, but the comedy element I love in novels is in high supply to keep you addicted. Barnaby Eaton-Jones is simply a fantastic writer and Lemon shows his strength to charm readers..."

"Lemon is a mystery thriller that takes you on a dark, yet humorous, journey of mishap, misidentity and misunderstanding. Unrelated plot strands merge, overlap and intertwine in ways that readers will find believable, if not actually familiar. Engrossing enough to be a read in one-hit..."

"Excellent twisting story-line with believable characters that you form a genuine connection with, thoroughly enjoyable and engaging..."

"What I can tell you is that if you are a fan of detective and spy fiction and want to try a different “twist” on a old premise. Lemon is definitively a book you might want to put in your to read list if you can."

"For an independent novel this is of the highest quality and one of the best comedic yet serious novels I have had the privilege to have read for a very long time. This book may have an improper title however, as Barnaby Eaton Jones' novel is certainly no lemon by any stretch."