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"Author! Author!"

It is a truth universally acknowledged that every person has a novel inside them. Let's hope it's made out of sugar paper.

Barnaby Eaton-Jones wrote his first novel way back in the early 1990s. It was called 'The Quest For Home' and featured a wizard-like schoolboy, with a small band of school chums, visiting a magical place in a flying Ford Anglia. So, having pre-dated the author JK Rowling and 'Harry Potter' by a good few years, why isn't he a mutli-millionnaire with a massively popular movie franchise to his name? Good question. Well, the answer is simply because it's still sitting on a shelf at home, never once having been sent to a publisher...

...and it's not actually very good.

But, it just goes to show that everyone can have the same idea. It all comes down to whether you write it well enough, whether you're lucky enough to get it seen by a publisher who has the same taste, and whether the general public have an imagination that matches yours.

A few years after 'The Quest For Home' (which he completed because he and his friend, Paul Birch, decided they'd have a race to see who could finish a novel the fastest), Barnaby wrote 'Lemon'. This too was put on a shelf and never sent to a publisher. Luckily, 15 years later (and with a writing CV that boasted a fair few moderate successes), he dusted it off and handed it to a publisher friend who was asking. It was published, it got good reviews, he's now writing more novels than you can shake a library at. He is still in a state of shock.