Producer / Director / Writer / Actor / Publisher / Musician / Improviser / Voiceover / Walking Chinbeard


Barnaby sometimes gets accused of taking on more than he can manage. There's no denying that.

He was struck down by the debilitating, long-term illness M.E. in 1991 and spent two years bed-bound. He continues to 'manage' it in a way that doesn't affect his creative outlets. This meant segueing off into various pursuits, rather than concentrating on his one goal of accepting a place at RADA after his A-levels, but he believes this has made him a better person and more creative than he would have been had he chosen just one path.

He is the Artistic Director and overall Manager of The OFFSTAGE Theatre Group (winning plaudits for acting and directing), which he has run since 1993. Aside from the usual 'classic' texts, they are also well-known for their comedy spoofs and original productions, as well as being commissioned to record five Sherlock Holmes comedies for BBC Radio (in which he played the eponymous hero). 

He also originated, managed and appeared regularly in the monthly comedy improvisation show Off The Cuff (which ran from November 2007 to March 2016) and the 12-piece tribute band Blues Brothers Reloaded (soon to be resurrected in 2018 but originally ran from 2005 until he retired it in 2014, with two sell-out shows at The Everyman Theatre, Cheltenham, to end - the last as a charity tribute to his late father, Ray).

He is a published author ('Lemon'), poet and voice-over artist; as well as an accomplished writer of sketches, stories, comedy songs, audio productions and educational workshops. In 2014, he organised the 30th anniversary of Robin of Sherwood with a convention called The Hooded Man (which had the distinction of being the first ever event to unite both Robin Hoods from the series; Michael Praed and Jason Connery) and has now set up Hooded Man Events to orchestrate similar themed events. He also debuted his skills as a drummer, whilst also managing the new touring tribute show to the music of The Commitments (the 10-piece band, Total Commitments), before stepping back into the front man role as of 2017. His newest project is his own publishing company - Chinbeard Books Ltd - and he continues to write, perform and annoy in equal measures.

In his spare time, he wonders how he has any spare time. 

As far as the 'real world' goes, he has been Head of Drama at a secondary school, an Arts Coordinator and a Shoe Shop Salesman. He's also a husband, father and professional chin-beard model.

He's a Sagittarius - half-man, half-horse. Sadly, it's the wrong halves.