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'Lemon' (Free Non-UK Shipping)


A comedy thriller of a novel.

"Spencer was aninsignificant Data Input Operator and this suited him fine. However, whenhe is mistaken for someone actually significant, due to a mix-up by the PostOffice, then his life becomes complicated. By complicated we're talking murder,sex, violence, car chases, beautiful women, and an annoyed fat cat (both of thefeline* and big business variety).

A week in Spence’slife usually consisted of nothing more than dull, repetitive, time-wastingtedium. This week was going to be different and Spence wasn’t going to like itone little bit."

* Just to add someextra zest to this ‘Lemon’, you can read all about Spence’s love-haterelationship with his feline nemesis in ‘Eric’s Tale’ at the end of the book.


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