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Dead And Gone

Posted by Barnaby on August 31, 2014 at 5:15 PM

Life's a metronome, forever ticking on,

Who's going to remember you, when you're gone?

Oh sure, they'll be people paying respect,

Updating their status with a sad face text.

I think of my Dad, just a mere 64,

Not there to see my kids grow up anymore.

And when they have matured and grown,

He'll just be a fuzzy face in their memory and a marble gravestone.

And will my daughter's children even attempt to recall,

Or will that generation not care at all?

For once you're gone, and unless you have fame,

You'll start to fade from memory, along with your name.

Two generations down the line, maybe all you'll be,

Is a calligraphic footnote on a family tree.

So, life is short and it's tactlessly true,

To say that eventually you'll fade from view.

And they won't remember you.

And they won't remember you.

And they won't remember you.

Or me.

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