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Pour A Glass Of Whine...

Posted by Barnaby on April 25, 2014 at 12:25 AM

Blimey, I whine.

I've just re-read my entires in my blog and, far from being the lively and fun self I like to be, they're just "wah-wah-wah!", "boo-hoo-hoo!" and "self-pity, not-witty!".

I think I viewed my blog as like a personal diary and, to be honest, nobody wants to read a personal diary unless there's juicy scandal in it. All I've done is be introspective and ask you, the reader, to feel sorry for me and - at the same time - marvel at what I've achieved with limited talent, health and dedication.

So, I did say in my very first blog that this wouldn't be a silly or hilarious blog. Well, balls to that.

If and when I blog in the future, it won't be about me. And, if it is, I'll be sure to make it bubbly. Like fizzy lifting drink. Only this time, I'll turn off the fan, so there's no danger of you being uplifted into a bloody mess.

Right. So. Here's my favourite joke...

Ask me if I'm an orange.

"Are you an orange?" I hear you cry.


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